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2023 Vol. 2, No. 2

28 July 2023

Cover Story | Issue 2 Front Cover

This cover introduces the high entropy strategy for developing high-performance thermoelectric materials, which holds promise for improving energy usage efficiency. With the rapid development of high-entropy alloys, entropy engineering offers a new avenue for discovering novel thermoelectric compounds and modulating their performance. This perspective discusses the role of high entropy in thermoelectric materials, addressing current challenges and potential opportunities.

Jinfeng Dong*, Jing Gao, Qingyu Yan*

2023, 2, 230001. doi: 10.54227/mlab.20230001

Cover Story | Issue 2 Back Cover

This cover describes the Single-atom materials which show great potential in the field of thermoelectrics due to their distinguishing features such as maximum atom utilization efficiency, unique electronic structure, guest−host interactions, and a tunable coordination environment. This paper provides a reference for further studies of single-atom thermoelectric materials.

Yuxin Huang, Liangwei Fu * and Biao Xu*

2023, 2, 220059. doi: 10.54227/mlab.20220059