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2022 Vol. 1, No. 2

13 July 2022

Cover Story | Issue 2 Front Cover

This cover demonstrates the application of two-dimensional (2D) CeO2/Ni-MOF materials in electrooxidation of urea, which has shown tremendous potential in wastewater treatment and water-splitting reaction. It is believed that the fascinating strategy by incorporating CeO2 as promoters will pave a new way for upgrading the catalytic performance of conventional catalysts in a wide range of energy-relied applications.

Xueting Wu, Lingling Li, Jing Pan, Xiao Wang*, Huabin Zhang, Shuyan Song*,Hongjie Zhang*

2022, 1, 220009. doi: 10.54227/mlab.20220009

Cover Story | Issue 2 Back Cover

This cover demonstrates perovskite nickelates for AI and brain-machine interface (BMI) applications. Perovskite nickelates are characterized by their strongly correlated d-orbital electrons and consequential metal to insulator transition, which provides rich possibilities to modulate their functionalities. Ion-electronic doping in the nickelate lattice is an effective way to modulate the device resistance to construct artificial synapses and artificial neurons. Since small ions can flow in both the perovskite nickelates and the biological neural cells, nickelate devices can serve as the bridge across the BMI for early disease identification and brain communication.

Hongbo Zhao, Jikun Chen, Hai-Tian Zhang*

2022, 1, 220038. doi: 10.54227/mlab.20220038