2023 Vol. 2, No. 1

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2023 Vol. 2, No. 1

28 April 2023

Cover Story | Issue 1 Front Cover

This cover describes the unique accordion-like layered structure of SnSe exhibiting extraordinary charge and thermal transport properties. Our perspective introduces the surprising story of SnSe thermoelectrics from the first discovery of its remarkable thermoelectric performance in single crystals to the debates on their intrinsic thermoelectric properties arising from improper synthesis of SnSe-based materials to the development of their single crystal versions exhibiting a record-high thermoelectric figure of merit of 3.1 at 783 K.

Archana K. Munirathnappa, Hyungseok Lee, In Chung* 

2023, 2, 220056. doi: 10.54227/mlab.20220056

Cover Story | Issue 1 Back Cover

This cover shows the high entropy material with a simple cubic structure. The primary attraction of high entropy for thermoelectrics is the ultralow lattice thermal conductivity. The severely distorted lattices in high-entropy materials cause large strains, which provide strong phonon scattering to largely lower lattice thermal conductivity, exhibiting unique phonon-glass-like behaviors. In addition, the high lattice symmetry found in high-entropy GeTe enables the high electrical transport, realizing excellent thermoelectric performance.

Cheng Chang,  Mercouri G. Kanatzidis*

2023, 1, 220048. doi: 10.54227/mlab.20220048